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Here you can exchange knowledge about Yu-Gi-Oh and find dueling partners simultaneously. Any questions are gladly answered.
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 The Old man appers

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Academy of Greed


Dueling Book : {DaRk_KingS}Greed
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PostSubject: The Old man appers   Sun Dec 10, 2017 11:50 pm

Hi, Names Greed, Been dueling since yata(knowing the rules atlest) pre then During the dark days me and my friends made up the rules so the monster zone was endless same with spell and trap zone, we also could just play until the decks became empty. During 2009ish was my birth to competitive Ygo, I used my old school fiend beatdown deck vs decks like, morptronics,blackwings and plants I lost terribly. After my loss I messaged my fav yugituber at the time L Dub from Team Minority and asked wherre I could learn about these new decks. He give me a link To Duelingnetwork Since that minute Ive been Playing on Network/Book off and On. Ive been a leader of a clan many times over have helped build an acadmeny at one point and have learned much about this game and the people that play it.

Now enough About me, Time to real to why Iam here, Well that to post deck profiles, As i play in a very odd manner from the rest of the coward sometimes the deck idea works other times it fails competely. Aslo to make new allyies as I enjoy having bud to talk to about the game I enjoy: to the point of an drug user enjoying his fresh hit.

Anyways heres deck 1 called timelord herald casue why not summon timelords break your board then summon a herald and say well good luck top decking Evanly matched.

the only cards in testing are how many exoduss I should be running anyways see you next time-greed
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Master Peace


Dueling Book : {DaRk_KinGs} Diablo
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PostSubject: Re: The Old man appers   Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:11 am

Hello Academy of Greed.
Nice to meet you!
Ohh... I see the Dark Kings have infiltrated into DMA Lol. Well I am glad to see this academy thriving and growing!
Anyways, Nice to meet you and glad you could join Duel Monster Academy!
Take Care!
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The Old man appers
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